NEW SCL6 Codec From Bob Stuart

Came across this article on wireless codec in development from the MQA creators. Might interest Roon boffins:

Thanks for posting this. Very interesting.

Mmm, Bob with MQA for wireless.


I do hope this takes off. When this was announced they said it was a pure software CODEC so this can be added to existing devices unlike most other high quality BT CODECs which require hardware. That would be something to take interest in.


Also called MQair. I’m sure it won’t be in the least bit controversial…

Sender and receiver need to use it, so until manufacturers start putting it into bluetooth headphones it is going to be a very slow start. I use the Sony LDAC CODEC on my phone with my Sony WH1000XM5 headphones and they sound rather good.

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I think such a codec would be great for Tidal subscribers using a wireless headset.

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For the Meridian aficionados, what kind of 800 series unit is this?

At first I thought it was an Ultra DAC, but the there appear to be a few extra characters in the blurry photo above


Yes but the headphones need to be running the SCL6/MQair software. Are any on the market yet?

I think companies like Sony, Sennheiser etc… ,will adapt the codec rather soon.
But, right now, I am not aware of any adaptation.

Looks like a Meridian 818 DAC/Preamp. Great piece of equipment.

I have one of those and I love it. That one says “Reference Audio Core 818”, which doesn’t seem to fit what’s in the photo either. It might be some kind of prototype that never made it into production…

We’ve been clamoring for this essential breakthrough in the audio world.
I’ll file this under “completely unnecessary nonsensical stuff” in the lower junk drawer. Maybe I’m wrong?


Good catch! After you pointed that out, I re-looked at the photo and can’t tell if it’s “818” or, maybe, “816” which would fit in with the idea of an unreleased product.

As a datapoint, I’m very much looking forward to MQA wireless.

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What I can make out is:

<something something> Digital to Analogue Converter 81?

816 looks about right.

Good deal, hopefully it will be a marked improvement in some aspects.
I’m very much satisfied with the current methods of wireless audio transmissions, I can’t imagine buying new equipment or subscribing to Tidal again. No real agenda for or against MQA more like a meh experience for myself personally speaking. The little blue light was the best thing about it imo.


That’s pretty funny :grinning:

I’m an MQA fan, but I know different folks have had different experiences with it.

I hope you enjoy your music in whatever format you use!

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