New search problem

i noticed a problem with the search function:
i have 23 albums of pink floyd on my local discs and no qobuz etc.
every view showed me all albums except if i search for pink floyd.
then i see only 17 albums.
what is going wrong there?
i use roon build 537 on an ubuntu server installation.

How many duplicates albums do you have of Pink Floyd? Search may only be showing the primary version.

I have 22 and search shows me 19…I have three duplicates


i have duplicates but not that many.
and i have set that the duplcates should be listed.
in the album view i see all albums and also if i set the focus to pink floyd.
looks strange.
kr guenter

Hi @Gunter_Strubreiter,

So we can better assist you, please provide a brief description of your current setup using this link as a guide.

Make sure to describe your network configuration/topology, including any networking hardware currently in use, so we can have a clear understanding of how your devices are communicating.

Can you share some screenshots of what you’re seeing here?

A general (magnifying glass) search doesn’t show duplicates. When looking at albums under a specific artist your hidden tracks and albums setting will determine what you see.

i use a mac mini with ubuntu server version 18.04.4 with actual updates.
roon build 537. ios 13.4.1
the first 3 images show the album view with filter.
the further 3 images the list in case i use the search function.
hidden albums should be shown.
thx for the support.

That looks correct.
For instance, Wish you were here.
You have three albums, one CD, two DSD64. Roon has considered two of these as duplicates - see this KB article.

When you run a general search (magnifying glass), Roon will only show one of the duplicates, the primary one. You can decide which one that is and the article I’ve linked to above explains how.

When you list all albums via the albums browser (with or without a filter), or view the albums shown when browsing the artist, the hidden tracks and albums setting is used. Thus you determine whether you want to see all versions in that list or not.

So, in your first 3 screenshots, you are seeing duplicates as you have the setting set to show. In the final 3, you have used the general search and thus duplicates are never shown.

Looking at the screenshots, I would have expected 4 duplicates: two each from Wish you were here and Dark side of the moon. Thus 23 - 4 gives 19 which is what I see.

thx for the response.
wish you where here is 3 times available thats correct.
but only 2 are duplicates.
the third one is a double album.
same thing for dark side of the moon.
i wanted to play a specific version and did not found it using the search function.
when i specify in the settings to display all versions i expect that i see all. otherwise the search function makes no sense for me.
kr guenter

If you goto the albums browser and use
Focus > inspector > duplicates you will see exactly which albums are duplicates.

I’m afraid that the general search does not provide that capability. You need to find the (primary) album and click on the versions tab.

You will via the albums browser.

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