New server - cannot log in - error: InvalidRecaptcha

Brand new core running on a Linux VM (easy install method with prereq’s met)
“There was an error logging in: InvalidRecaptcha”

Roon Core Machine

Ubuntu 22.04 server (fresh VM)
8g RAM, 4 CPU, 250g SSD

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Cabled ethernet. There is a Roon Legacy core running on the same network and it is working fine.

Connected Audio Devices

USB DAC to amp and speakers

Number of Tracks in Library

~100k tracks - but unable to log in so the server is not aware of any tracks.

Description of Issue

Brand new Roon Core install on a fresh VM. The core is found, and can connect. Error during authentication: “There was an error logging in: InvalidRecaptcha”

This is tested and confirmed behavior on Windows 10 Roon Remote, iPad, and an iPhone. All exhibit identical behavior.

UPDATE - I installed the latest Roon Core on a new, physical box. A fresh/updated install of Ubuntu Server 22. Same Captcha error results with all remote devices.

Are older builds available for download?

Hello @Ray_Williams and welcome to the forum.

Roon Labs does not provide older builds for download.

Note: Your issue seems to be related to latest changes for the logon process, don’t know how an older build should help you there, you probably just can no longer log in with those.

Do you see a reCaptcha on the login page presented in the browser? This all sounds to me like something is blocking certain URLs or JavScript, probably at a central point, as all your client devices are affected. Please check your network for firewalls, proxies or other soft-/hardware that might block certain content from loading. I don’t know if it helps, but I found a reCaptcha test page provided from Google on the web.

See if you have an ad or pop-up blocker on your web browser.

I’m running PiHole on my network and this was blocking the comms for that sign-in page. Temporarily disabling it fixed the issue and allowed me to login. Thanks folks!

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