New setup advice

Hi All,
I’m looking to upgrade my main setup and was considering the below:
Amp: McIntosh MA252
DAC: Naim ND5 XS 2
Phono stage: Vertere Acoustics Phono-1 MKII
Speaker: undecided (Revel Concerta 2?)
All comments/ideas would be more than welcome
Many thanks!

Speakers are by far the worst performers, and thus make the biggest difference in your system. I’d find a set of speakers you like and build from there, not visa versa.



thanks Sheldon, any suggestion?

I’m a bit biased, so I might not be a good person to ask. But the quad electrostatic speakers are my jam.


aren’t we all?! :wink:
thanks, I’ll find a shop to listen to those (never had the opportunity) and let you know my thoughts
thanks again

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have anyone experienced the Spendor A4?

I’m not going recommend specific gear, but I’d probably spending considerably less on the amp and more on the speakers.


I have no experience w/ those Revel series but Sheldon is correct to focus a majority of budget on your spkrs first, easily making/breaking your ROI and ROE (enjoyment) too. :+1:

You might be hard pressed as quad hasn’t made them in at least 50 years I think

If you like to dare to be different try

I built the diy version myself about 9-10 years ago…no regrets…at that time Siegfried was still alive (RIP) and mine were like the 4/5th pair completed. See more info at

If I were starting again I would be looking at large active speakers and a simple set up from there. ATC, meridian etc

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