New Setup Help, system, built-in, and core

Core Machine

Zen streamer running the Roon Core.
MacBook to run the Roon remote software.

Network Details

Audio Devices

Sugden DAC connected via USB to the Zen, then to the amp.

Description of Issue

What should be in the ‘system output’ box?
What should be in the ‘built-in output’?
What should be in the ‘connected to the core’?

When I first connected my new system, the ‘connected to the core’ came up as random ‘CODEC’. I’m assuming Roon identified my DAC as that component but it doesn’t list it in the search options.

I’m able to play music but want to ensure everything is setup properly.

Thanks in advance for the help!

You’re all good. Not sure why your DAC is not showing up by name although no doubt you have edited the name, but it is enabled in the correct category: “Connected to the core.”

The other two categories you mentioned, “System output” and “Built-in Output,” should stay disabled. They would only be enabled if you were playing music out of the Zen.

Thank you so very much, so appreciated!


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