New SMSL DP5 streamer DAC

Hello there,

I’d like to know if someone have bougth the new SMSL DP5 streamer DAC? Is ROON see it when it is plug to the same network? My guess is yes but nowhere it is wrote that it is ROON ready or compatible.


Only via airplay. It’s not roon ready.

@ged_hickman1 thanks. Yark airplay.

Any updates?

What update were you expecting?

Oh I don’t know…any word on the unit being certified…anyone get any product updates that will allow the unit to work with Roon vis network (non airplay)…just simple little things like that one would ask on a Roon forum

I’d ask the manufacturer, roon don’t comment.

roon Labs, please commend and update!?

My smsl DP5 works perfectly with a bridge or connected to a NAS (synology) with roon core in it… Until
Roon certification i got up to 384khz and DSD128 currently, pcm or Dop (not native)… will be native and up to DSD256 when.

Use airplay or connect it to a network device such as a raspberry pi.