New SSD & Most played wrong

I have copied all my files from my attached usb drive to a new SSD drive which I am going to install in my fanless ROCK case.
However the past played list is wrong on the SSD drive, the order is completely different, for example one album that I have listened to 199 times shows as 3 times on the SSD drive.
What did I do wrong or what have I forgotten to do?

I may be missing something here with the comment that you have already copied files to the new SSD and plan to install it in the case.

Part of installing an internal SATA SSD drive is having Rock format the SSD through the Web UI after it is installed in the case, and then copying the music files to it.

How did you format the drive and copy files to it before it was installed? How was it connected.

Hi Mike,
Yes I’ve discovered the error of my ways, have now installed SSD into ROCK and formatted via Web UI. Now in the process of copying from the attached USB drive to internal storage, am copying across 1.6Tb but it is so slow at approx 9mbs, is there a faster way than doing it over the ethernet?

Is the USB drive connected to the Rock Server? What platform are you using to initiate and monitor the copy process from?

Seems like the USB drive should be attached to PC/Laptop and copied from there over the network to the Rock internal drive. Drag and drop or copy paste.

Hi Mike,
Yes attached to Rock server, I set the process off using my windows 10 laptop and can see progress from the laptop.
Would attaching the usb drive to my laptop as you suggest speed up the process any? It would still be over the ethernet wouldn’t it?
Thanks for your support

There is documentation somewhere on the forum on how best to do this process. I have not done it myself. Seems like I read that the USB drive should be on the laptop and the copy done from there. Sorry I’m not up to speed on the process.

Could be that the data is being copied from the USB on the NUC to the Laptop then back to the NUC internal storage when the USB is attached to the NUC.

Just tried your suggestion, still as slow, did look at the ROCK docs but couldn’t find any other way to transfer from the usb hard drive

It may be still slow, but having the USB drive attached to the PC or MAC should be twice as fast as having it attached directly the the ROCK/NUC.

Reason is that the data flows once over the network in the first case, but twice in the second (from the drive on the NUC to the PC/Mac and then back to the SSD in the NUC).

Thanks Geoff, marginally quicker 11 v 9 mbs, is there another way?
Would be great if you could just import the files from the attached usb drive, how hard would that be for the Roon team to implement?

There’s no direct copy function in Roon OS at the moment, but it has been suggested for Roon OS version 2.0. No idea what it would take to implement, or even if the idea has been taken on board. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Try connecting your laptop directly to rock. If both have a 1gbps card it should be 10x the speed you are seeing. Or you can use a gigabit switch, I’m assuming your slow speeds are due to a 100mbps network device in the middle bottlenecking the connection.

The limitation will more likely be the USB drive, especially if it’s a HDD. There’s a lot of latency when transferring lots of small files.

I actually did some copying of files this very morning using a USB HDD attached to my win10 pc and copying to internal SSD of the Nuc .
I was just using file explorer for a copy and paste routine and I was looking at 28 to 30mbps.
Not rocket like but not terrible either considering the limitations.