New streaming service(s) coming in 2023

Yes that’s totally fine to pass the time.

However, I replied directly to the post above mine (the forum software unfortunately does not make this obvious), who was asking Roon to jump the gun on something they clearly cannot say yet, because Frank wanted to stop his own idle speculation :slight_smile:

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My best guess would be Deezer and Idagio.

Could be a wildcard with Amazon. Their app interface is an absolute dumpster fire, they would benefit from Roon.


while we arent scared of the 2 we have going away, we are actively working on integrating others – look forward to seeing them next year.

That sounded to me like Tidal and Qobuz are going away … and others are coming

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You already said that and nobody agreed. That is not what @danny said.

“while we arent scared of the 2 we have going away”

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I think @Marius_Laumans interpreted it as “we aren’t scared that the 2 we have are going away”, but that’s clearly not what Danny had meant. If there was any doubt, this should have cleared it up :slight_smile:


Apple keep promising Apple Classical but nothing happens. In the meantime, former Primephonic subscribers have certainly realized that the Classical Music search and options within Apple Music have improved markedly, most likely as a result of the integration of primephonic. It’s worst than Primephonic but way better in Classical than any other streaming service, including Roon/Tidal/Quobuz.

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Also there is that Japanese / Sony hi res streaming service (??? Forget name)

That was supposed to roll out in the West but so far hasnt.

Looks like I was wrong, Deezer already confirmed a month ago that they have given up on integration:

What would Deezer bring to the party that we don’t already get with Tidal and/or Qobuz? Do they have a significantly different offering of music genres or would it be another source of the same music? In that case, it would just be another competitor that might help mitigate prices. IDK.

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More of the same but likely different catalog for some genres it’s available in countries Qobuz isn’t. It’s not hires to my knowledge but is cd quality lossless. Most Deezer fans love it’s Flow algorithm which is it’s personalisation for music. Not sure you would get access that for 3rd parties or not. It also has something similar to Shazam built into identify songs by hearing them.


Can you point us to the actual page where this is vs a screenshot? I just want to make sure I get it - I was a bit hopeful about Deezer myself. Thx.

Not gonna hold my breath longer than Wim Hof suggests, but I’d love to see SiriusXM streams added to the Radio Station listings :metal:

My bad, here is the link:

For me, Deezer has much better coverage with international artists. Japanese and Korean artists seem to be missing from Qobuz and Tidal. They are all over Spotify and Deezer seems to have all of the ones I transferred.

I do agree with you though, any integration has to bring something new to the table. From my perspective:

Amazon Music - Massive catalogue with family plans (more likely for people to give roon a shot of it already works with their family accounts). Benefits Amazon because their app is garbage and they see it as a utility.

Deezer - Doesn’t compete with existing integrations (Qobuz High Res, Tidal Spatial and MQA), better coverage of international artists.

Apple Music - While this will never happen it would bring the Apple One plan, complete catalogue. It would also murder Qobuz.

The remaining services wouldn’t make sense:

Spotify - Lossy and conflicts with their own objective (one app that rules them all)

YouTube music - Lossy.

Idagio - Already covered by Qobuz (unless I’m mistaken here).

Roon needs a major update to cope with family accounts. It’s library system isn’t currently built for it as it’s not segmented per user also it would be a massive strain on the core managing multiple libraries. It brings all sorts of complications. Sonos manages it and is the only one for good reason it’s an app with no library to manage for it, your just switching a source to it.


This is very true. Such a killer if they integrated something like Amazon Music.

It also needs an update to handle transfers between services.

At the moment, all of my tags and edits are locked into Qobuz. If I switched to Tidal or any of their new integrations, I will lose the lot.

Even using soundiiz just to keep my albums with none of the other stuff is painful because the mismatches can be brutal. The larger your library, the worse it gets.

Roon is perfectly set up for this, it knows EXACTLY which albums / tracks I have.

Yep lots to be done for this, but I doubt we will ever see it, not seen much done for actual library management for a long time. Also the fact you can’t search for those albums or tracks that have gone and become unavailable. Just make the unavailable status a focus option how hard can that be to add? Gives you a starting point to search and readd them or remove them as at moment they remain as redundant library entries that cause no end of issues when they have been grouped as you can’t easily delete them and they don’t play obviously.


I totally agree, it drives me absolutely mad. With Qobuz it got really bad, up to 25% of my library was flagged as unavailable.

Even more annoying is that if you just look at your album list in the Qobuz app, you can’t see from that view if it’s unavailable. Only in the track view did I discover the library rot. Roon just skips pasts the tracks as well.

Focus option is sorely needed until they can solve the problem properly.


I do have a feature request somewhere and there are other ones asking for something similar, I heard back from someone saying it wasn’t possible but no real explanation as to why.