New streaming service(s) coming in 2023

Whoever Roon does a deal with it needs to be integrated into the subscription price.
It still needs to convince the monthly and yearly subscribers that its adds more value than their cheaper streaming service.

Unless you want the Roon subscription to double, this will never happen.

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Sorry, I’m not sure you know that it needs to convince people of that. Plenty of folks are paying happily right now, and will keep paying with new subscription price. There’s never been a hint of this being in the offing, and I would be shocked. Sure, I’d like this, but I’d also love it if Santa Claus showed up with a pair of Audeze CRBN’s tomorrow too, or I got a free trip to go kite surfing in Antarctica. But I’m counting on none of these things.


Why would that ever happen, it’s up to the user to decide if they want to add a service or not or use Roon to access it. How could Roon survive it won’t get a deal on the price as they don’t do such deals.

I certainly hope not. I want to choose and pay for the streaming service I want.

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I’m not sure how Roon’s business model works, but for what you seek to happen, the streaming service would need to pay Roon for the privilege of streaming via Roon.

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We were talking to them, but then:

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Very western focused, I’d expect a far Eastern native based service, given demographics.

Good point, would be very cool to see a non western service :slight_smile:

I hope it is Amazon Music, and don’t care if Roon implements a “family” friendly profile cataloging. I would be fine with the user account/library you auth with.

The reason I say this is the price for Amazon Music is cheap with Prime, and their massive catalog. I have Tidal and Qobuz, but got Amazon Music because it’s so cheap. Hate the UI though.

I mention the family plan because it really brings a massive potential audience for roon.

Way more subscribers and because Amazon is so cheap, they can justify the admitted premium that is Roon.

And as we both agree, the Amazon app is without question the worst app of all the streaming players by a country mile. They could benefit from Roon, which is rare for such a large player.

As in, the family plan for Amazon Music makes it attractive for more people to opt-in for that streaming service?? If so, I couldn’t agree more! The price and catalog is great, and I would guess many people pay for Prime.

I was just saying, IMO and use case, I (personally) don’t care if Roon allowed only authenticating and cataloging ONE Amazon Music user. And, it would be mine! :joy:

All of this is true but I do think it needs to handle family accounts to a degree. If you all have to share a core or each get one, that’s not going to work.

Amazon Music would bring a whopping amount of potential subscribers but they are very much used to the mainstream way of doing things. Every service that isn’t roon handles family accounts in an intuitive way.

Personally I think it would be a deal breaker for a lot of people.

Those people do not include me or you though :joy:

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Agreed. Nobody else in my family cares enough about music or the UX to be bothered to use Roon. :roll_eyes:

I have 20 pairs of high-end headphones I would be willing to share (well… the lower-end ones anyway), but half my kids listen to music from their iPhones speakers. :nauseated_face::expressionless:

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Yeah exactly, I think Arc is a massive step in accessibility.

They just need the family handling to seal the deal.


They should add “Deezer” :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

A bit further up:

And existing request here, just in case: