New Tidal album not showing

IQ released a new album Resistance yesterday. It’s on Tidal- I added it in Tidal to Favorites and downloaded it to my phone- but it does not appear in a search in Roon, (The Roon search in Tidal is also not listing other Tidal albums of theirs, like The Road of Bones.). Any suggestions?


There is a lag between Roon and Tidal, circa a day or so (it used to be a lot longer), whilst Roon’s backend servers process the new data released from Tidal.

Nothing you can do right now, I can only suggest check again periodically.

Thanks. I’ll stay tuned.

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Do you go to services in Roon after you faved it in Tidal? if you do, re sync Roon to Tidal May put it in your library

Tried now, no luck.

Hi @nealsal,

I’m seeing this album in Roon currently — Are you able to see it now? If not, can you verify the region for your TIDAL account?

Not last night, but this morning (US)- yes! Thanks.

It’s here on my system in the UK now

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