New User Needs Help! Ubuntu Roon Server [Answered]

I have successfully installed RoonServer on my Ubuntu machine (17.10).

At the end of the installation script, I received “All Done! RoonServer should be running on your machine now.”

I think I have found here on the community forums that there is no control application for Linux. That is a bit frustrating.

So I installed the Android app on my Chromebook, but I can’t seem to find my Core on the Ubuntu box. Have tried the ip address for the Core machine and the network name.

Really struggling with this…

Any suggestions welcome!

Many thanks. I really want this to work as while I have been using Plex for many years, there are things about Roon that look great.

First, I’d verify that RoonServer and the Chromebook are on the same network subnet.

The Chromebook won’t work. Google sandboxes android apps in such a way that they do not have access to the LAN, only the internet. This is not true on Android phones, where apps have full access to the LAN. Unfortunately, this makes it impossible for Roon Remote to communicate with the Core.

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Ok, thanks for the replies.

I will try my Android devices and report back.

I was hoping for the full-screen experience on the Chromebook.

Wow! Good To Know. I’ve never used/touched/held a chromebook so I didn’t realize the networking on them is so borked.

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Ok, home now and have installed the Roon client on an Android tablet. All works. My library is being built now.

I don’t understand the Chromebook limitations. On its own, I can browse my network. It is just the Andriod Apps that don’t seem to be able to. I don’t have any Windows or Apple machines … just Linux and Chromebooks. So it looks like I will have to use a tablet to control the server.

Why isn’t there a web version of the player? That would be so easy.

Anyway, off to play with my new Roon library!

I don’t know why Google did it that way either. My father bought a Chromebook earlier in the year and I tried to set it up for him…that’s the only reason I know of the limitation.

The Roon UI is the same on desktop/tablet (and really, it’s built for touch first, mouse second) so you don’t lose any of the experience using it in a tablet-only capacity. That is a pretty common way for people to use the software.

Web would not work so well with our UI. Custom graphics engine, lots of bare metal stuff–we sit directly on OpenGL. Linux is technically feasible, but we haven’t seen enough demand for it to justify the cost. Maybe as we continue to grow that will change.

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