New Yggy Review

Kinda long time coming, but the review does encompass the newish analog upgrade.

And then, there’s this -

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Wow,thanks for that link to the technical review. I was actually thinking of buying a high end DAC and this one was top of the list. Now it is off the list!

Were you going to measure it or listen to it?

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Good point, but at the price they are selling it for, such poor technical performance is at the very least sloppiness and possibly verging on incompetence.

Next time I worry about anything he writes will be the first time. Same goes for darko, lavorgna et al.


I’ve told him over and over that I don’t care about his measurements, you could tell it drove him nuts. Good fun!

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“Well, I know what my ears hear, and the Yggy sounds great! Science be d***ned.”

“Yes, you subjective seat-of-the-pantsers will always reject science. How does it feel to be among the great unwashed?”

“Take that back, you pin-headed pocket-protected geek. The mid-tones of the Yggy remind me of a warm zephyr at twilight.”

[fade to nauseum]


This last time I posted what I thought of LaVorgna I was moderated.

Also my point.:sunglasses:

That’s my middle name here.

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I trust AtomicBob, check out his measurements. I don’t own a Yggy anymore (had V1), but it sounded very good…in fact, I kept it longer than just about any DAC I’ve owned. From the reviews I’ve read, V2 is better.

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I would completely ignore Amir and his measurements. He has it it out for Schiit Audio…


I just scanned the comments from Amir’s reviews. Amir as much as said the two Schiit guys got him banned from another review site.

No, Amir gets himself banned from other sites. Why do you think he has his own forum?


My yggy (v1) sounds absolute freaking awesome. I have read about that review site. Ignore it.

What exactly is wrong with ‘Amir and his measurements’? I don’t read audio forums on a regular basis so it is a genuine question. Are his measurements incorrect or flawed? Is that whole forum best avoided or does he just ‘have it out for Schiit’ in particular?

I don’t have it out for any company. I test a product every other day. My job is to be on the side of customers to provide them objective/reliable data on these products. I do that without emotion or attachment whatsoever to any product. I have also given thumbs up to some Schiit products. See:

Audio Science Review.

What are you talking about? What sites?

I created my own forum because there is no other that is focused on science and engineering of audio. We discuss what makes audio technology tick with strong foundation in sound science. If you want folklore, there are plenty that will cater to that.

My reviews augment that by creating reliable data unlike much of the subjective chatter out there where one person says something sounds good, and the other says the opposite.

Of course some people don’t want to see the data that may show their purchases in bad light (i.e. poor measurements). So they protest. Fortunately there are a ton of people who want to know how a product is designed and performs. Many schiit owners fall in this category and have lent their gear to me for this reason. I have also bought a bunch of their equipment myself.

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Maybe he wants to know if a product is well-engineered before buying it.

Mention his name or website anywhere on the web and he’s there like a bear. :joy: