Newbie question - what is integer mode?

I keep stumbling across posts with reference to “integer mode”. What is it? When is it recommended?

Thank you!


See information here. Also some more posted here.

“We’ve also released Integer mode support for OSX. This disables some unnecessary processing steps within CoreAudio.”

> Integer Mode is an interesting one, only for OSX 10.9+ where they reintroduced the feature. It tells CoreAudio to do some processing without a (lossless) conversion between floating point and integers. Because this is lossless (for 16bit and 24bit), the bits going to the endpoint are identical. However, it gains some efficiency in the process, and thus could have an audible impact by reducing electrical noise created by your system.

Speaking for myself and as a Mac user, no reason not to enable it. Whether you will hear a difference with it on or off can best be determined by trying it. There is downside to using it from my point of view.


This is helpful, thanks. How do I turn it on? I don’t seem to be able to find the option to do that…

@gianfri -

Go into Roon Settings

Choose Audio

Select the Zone where you have your DAC connected.

Click the Gearbox on the right side

There you can enable:

Use Exclusive Mode
Use Integer Mode

and some other settings as well.

Assume you have the latest Mac build (9)

Thank you for pointing me to the right direction. I use primarily Airport endpoints, and I can’t see the gearbox for those. Does it mean that integer mode is not available for Airplay? Thanks!

If you are using something like an AppleTV, which is listed under Networked in the Audio section, then you would only have the option to choose “Enabled” and none of the other options would be available.

AppleTV uses Airplay BTW. Same goes for my Marantz which shows up, has Airplay capabilities and only allows one to choose “Enabled”

Thanks for your input!