Roon 1.0 (Build 8) Released!

A new version of Roon has been released!

We’re very excited to announce this update, which introduces some new features along with a slew of new audio functionality. The feedback of the community over the last 2 weeks has been fantastic and informed nearly all the changes included in this release – keep it coming guys!

Starting on the audio side, outputs can now be configured for Fixed Volume, or can be limited to a maximum sample rate. Users experiencing a synchronization delay while their hardware switches sample rate can configure Roon to compensate for it. All these options are available from the Audio Setup Screen screen.

Event Driven Mode is available on Windows. As of right now, it is disabled by default, but if your device supports it, we recommend turning it on, especially if you’re having trouble with your sound card, or a virtual sound driver like JRiver WDM.

We’ve also released Integer mode support for OSX. This disables some unnecessary processing steps within CoreAudio.

We’ve also improved how Roon probes for sample rate and bit depth compatibility on both platforms. If your DAC was playing high-res content at 16/48 or 16/44 when it shouldn’t have been, give this new build a try and let us know how it goes.

Finally, a number of AirPlay bugs have been closed out, which should make for a smoother, more stable experience when streaming to compatible AirPlay devices.

Moving on, many of you have commented on our Duplicates functionality. This feature allows multiple copies of an album to be displayed as a single cover in Roon, with other versions just a click away. Our automatic detection is unchanged, but the sets are now fully editable. You can add or remove albums from the set, or choose an edition to be your “primary” copy. And if you have multiple versions of an album that we haven’t deduped automatically, you can select them in the browser and group them into a set.

Duplicates are hidden from the album browser, and this functionality can now be used to hide other albums as well. This is great if you have albums you don’t want to see in Roon, but which you also don’t want to delete. As in previous releases, this functionality can be turned off completely from Settings, so all hidden/duplicate albums are shown.

A new small cover mode is also available on Settings, allowing for significantly more albums to be displayed in the Album Browser. Albums can now be sorted by title, and genres can be sorted alphabetically. Your collection stats on Overview are clickable, and you can focus on Artists based on whether they have a biography.

Roon now uses TCP ports within the 9100-9200 range for communicating with remote controls, along with UDP port 9003 for discovery. Restricting Roon to a known port range should make it easier to set up port forwarding in certain network configurations.

Many minor bugs have been fixed as well, along with some performance improvements.

Well, that about covers it for Week 2! Thanks again for all the feedback.

We’re already looking ahead to the next release, as we ready m3u import, real time folder watching for SMB shares on OSX, and our first round of DSD support!

Release Notes 1.0 (Build 8)

Mac and PC installations should update automatically to this week’s build within 24 hours, or after restarting the app.

You can confirm you’re running Build 8 by checking the About section of Preferences. On Mac, you can also confirm in the menu bar by clicking Roon, then About.

Changes For This Release:

  • Duplicate Editing
  • Editing functionality allows for hiding and unhiding albums and tracks without deleting them.
  • Small Cover Mode
  • Roon now uses TCP ports within the 9100-9200 range for remote control
  • Support for sample rate limiting on outputs (1x, 2x, 4x)
  • An option to make Roon play a configurable amount of silence after
    switching sample rates to give hardware some time to catch up.
  • Support for Integer Mode for Mac and Event-Driven mode on Windows.
  • Support for fixed volume configurations
  • Improvements to the way Roon probes for sample rate + bit depth
    compatibility, that will hopefully resolve some “My DAC is playing at
    the wrong rate” problems.
  • Logging improvements that will make it easier to debug future
    device-specific audio issues.
  • Stability and compatibility improvements for AirPlay streaming
  • Sort by name in genre browser
  • Focus on artists with biographies
  • Album details header redesigned
  • Overview Stats are clickable
  • Default RAM usage for images is 256MB now, instead of 64MB, giving a
    much better scrolling experience in the browsers.
  • Option to hide mouse cursor for touch screens that don’t have drivers
    that don’t automatically do this
  • Focus on “Most Played” and “Played in the Last” are working again
  • View All working for Tidal Artist favorites
  • Better handling of 4x content, AIFF files, and some ALAC content

Before Release 8 when using Exclusive Mode, music playback would stop every 5-7 min. Move slider bar forward a little, and music starts again.

Now with Release 8, I have Exclusive Mode selected ALONG with Use Event Driven Mode Beta - so far no stoppages and I am 1/2 an album into playing music.

Great work Roon Staff. Now just ASIO and DSD support…and I see DSD may come next release.


After this update, Roon told me I have 0 Artists, 0 Albums, etc.
Pointing out the music folder again (on an external drive) didn’t help.
Only after renaming the music folder, Roon started importing all my music again.
Tidal account was still setup, but the albums I added to my library were gone.
They are still in my Tidal Favorites, but I can not add any Tidal albums to my library.

But hey, I only have New Albums now! :wink:

…and half an hour later all seems well.
Must be my sloooowww Mac Mini 2009.

Hey @EricG – I’m going to send you a PM.

Glad you’re stable and running now, but I’d like to get a little more information about the issue you were seeing, if you don’t mind.


One minor point, hopefully it impacted only myself. When I updated my Roon (core) on a Mac Mini, I found that the Audio “exclusive” setting (Settings -> Audio) which I had set in prior version was no longer set. I had to re-enable it after update.

Perhaps this is because you introduced the new Integer mode option for Mac.

I noticed because some files were playing back with Green light and not Purple.

I’m going to lock this thread, but please keep the feedback coming guys – let us know how this release is working out for you guys!