Newbie start-up essential tips

Hi folks,

Need some initial help as newbie starting up…please check my assumptions

I plan to use Rock as my core/server on a NUC

Various endpoints either pi2/ pi3 with Moode, LMS, Volumio or other roon capable build…suggestions most welcome?

What extras do I need…

Hardware will be from ebuyer

Intel NUC Bean Canyon NUC8i5BEH3 i5 8259U Tall Barebone

Intel NUC Bean Canyon NUC8i7BEH i7 8559U Barebone

The i7 seems like slight overkill as my NAS only has 400gb library and is not growing much at all. Rest of my listening is via Quobuz and Radio Paradise but also Tidal trial and Spotify subs.

Either box will need 256g m2 ssd and 8gb ram

There will be about 4 endpoints but perhaps only 1 maybe subject to room correction dsp.

I plan to download the Linux rock as I don’t want to pay for unnecessary win 10 licence

Is this the right approach?

Any tips appreciated

I would go for an i5, the i7 just burns more watts for this application, see Roons recommended hardware for more details, followed by the ROCK Install Guide. Raspberry Pi 3 or 4, with Ropieee for your endpoints.

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Was about to say exactly the same. i5 and Ropieee. Remember to think about storage for your library. Internal or external HDD? You will need use of usb keyboard and monitor for setting up nuc initially.

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If your NAS is QNAP or Synology, you can even start with installing Roon there :grinning:
(And spend money on a better endpoint).

Why an i5, an i3 will do just as well.

Read the benchmark posts re the NUC5i3 I use, and wait for it, it performs the same Roon Core functions as a later NUC6 & NUC7 and i5 & i7 processors.


Went for the i5 in the end I case in need to future proof a little. Price difference negligible

I was a little confused about the memory sodimm vs udimm …is this the same? One Crucial sodimm said perfect for Mac? I assume mac use the same? Sorry for numpty questions.

Installing the core on my NAS is way too complicated. It’s a buffalo linkstation duo about 15years old! The operating system is hopeless. Yes a new NAS would make more sense but as the old one is reliable and working I won’t touch for now. All my library backed up on an external ssd so I could plug this into the nuc I guess for faster access?


The NAS will be fine, just mount it from ROCK, and just use it as network attached storage for your library, and keep the external SSD as backup, and a portability option.

Personally, I would do it the other way round: use the external SSD on the NUC as the primary music store, and use the NAS as a backup of the music store.

That way you can be sure that Roon will be monitoring the SSD for changes in realtime, and you don’t have to have a periodic scan of the NAS set up.


But then you don’t get all the network-based Backup management you do on a NAS - you are having to backup a free-standing library.

So I have my library on a RAID1 volume on one NAS, with an automated daily backup to a 2nd RAID1 volume on a different NAS (redundancy on the chassis, power supply, etc.)
I then have the ability to plug a USB enclosure to the NAS, with a RAID0 volume, and run a backup job to produce an off-line back-up of the library.
The contents of all volumes can be compared and verified at file level by WinMerge, from the PC over the network, as all volumes (Primary, on-line Backup and off-line Backup) are available.
I can then take the off-line backup to other locations, etc.
I also have a snap-shot backup on a couple of disks, in fire-proof cases as well!

None of that is possible when using DAS with ROCK


Technically how do I do this? Do you have a step by step how-to?

One other question…i use dbpoweramp to rip new cds to my library. However it normally hangs trying to find metadata online. Dbpoweramp want me to pay for another new account to get back database access which is annoying as I’ve already paid for a lifetime licence.

Can I rip using Roon to my ssd or NAS or do I still need to use 3rd party ripping software ? If so any freeware for lossless FLAC?

There’s more than one way to skin a cat. I would use a filecopy application (e.g. Allway Sync) running on my PC to take a backup from an SSD/HDD attached to my ROCK/NUC to a DAS. In fact, that’s what I do.

Just use dBPoweramp to rip your CDs, then mp3tag to check the embedded metadata etc.
Then import them to Roon and let Roon identify them.

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One thing in your summary you mention Spotify, remember you can’t use that through Roon directly.

ROCK has CD ripping built-in, and it rips to music storage on your NUC (internal or USB-connected), but it won’t rip to a NAS


There is, yes.But I still don’t see the advantage of DAS over networked storage, if you are going to route the playback stream over a network.
Maybe different if you are connecting your Roon Core directly to the DAC, and then the library directly to the Roon Core.
But when on a networked solution, having everything on the network, for me, makes better sense. I just then optimize my network.

From the man:

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ok, but my library is presently 7TB on a RAID1 volume using 10TB WD Red disks.
Not suited to SSD yet!

There is no fan noise, 1. Replaced the Fans in the NAS enclosures with silent ones, 2. It is away upstairs in the Home Office/Study, along with the NUC running ROCK
Both main NAS and NUC running ROCK are on LPS PSUs, as do the switches in my ‘backend’ configuration.
The workload on the NAS during playback is miminal, not even 1% of CPU processing (dual core CPU with 2GB RAM)

The ‘frontend’ with the network player, etc. has a EtherREGEN switch, with an isolating network port just for the final networked component.


You’re clearly happy with the NAS approach, and that’s fine. I’m equally happy with storage on the ROCK/NUC, and see no need for NAS/RAID. My non-music media resides on a simple Windows 10 PC acting as a NAS with 28TB of storage - no RAID. Backups held off-site (and in the Cloud for documents/photos).

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It’s a personal choice, but considering SSD capacity is up to 8TB these days, and ROCK presents it as network storage anyway, an additional external NAS with all the admin that entails wouldn’t be my first choice. Especially when an internal drive can be “watched” for changes. Backup policy and procedures is something else, but I’ve got that covered with rsync… and still no need for a NAS :wink:

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If fitted internally, you will unfortunately have to format it from within the Rock web interface, and copy your music back to it over your network. But this makes for a great server if you have a BEH NUC.