Newbie with two location roadmap questions

Hi All,

New kid in class with my very first question.

I have discovered Roon recently and been doing some reading. I have not downloaded or installed the system yet though. A friend is exploring the system with a trial membership and I really like what I see.

Before I jump in I would like to learn what I might be getting into as I own two homes (Seattle and a cabin on Orcas Island). I split my time between the two locations in a 70-30 ratio.

My setup in Seattle: Linn Majik DSM and Linn 140 speakers in the main room. I also have three SONOS Connect Amps and one SONOS Connect for additional multi room play. I do my “serious” listening with just my Linn system though. My computer system is all Mac based and I run a Synology NAS DSM1515+ as my storage and backup server.

My setup on Orcas Island: my Internet feed is all delivered via a small local radio receiver powered system. I am all Rega here: amp, DAC, and turntable for my vinyl. I use a SONOS Connect which streams into my Rega DAC box. I don’t have a computer or a server here. I just travel with my aging iPad Pro which controls my SONOS account.

So, finally to my main question: would a single Roon account serve both locations? Do I need two Roon cores? I never completed ripping my old CD library but plan on doing so. Maybe a couple hundred CDs? I mainly listen to TuneIn and Tidal in Seattle. On Orcas I listen to TuneIn and Apple Music via my SONOS Connect.

Any general thoughts or path suggestions here would be most welcome…



Welcome to the forum, @Maxwell_Balmain!

Yes, see for details.You will need a Roon Core for your second home; the iPad Pro can be used for controlling Roon, but you’ll need a NUC, Nucleus or laptop to run Roon. See

Macmini is also an option if you like the Mac ecosystem. But your library will need to be replicated too or a portion of it perhaps unless you can rely on streaming services like tidal and qobuz

Other option might be to use a laptop for the core and and external hdd for music when in your other location. Core systems should ideally be lan connected

Hi @Maxwell_Balmain,

As suggested, you will only need one license if you’re not using Roon at both locations at the same time:

You will either need a Core machine at each location or a Core that can travel with you to each. If you have two separate Core machines you will need to have a copy of your library at each location.

Thanks Guys!

I forgot to mention that I do own a 2018 MacBook Pro that I use for my photography while on the road. I could use this for the core and just travel back and forth with it. Initially I could build a stored library on my Seattle based Synology NAS. I think I would need to add an extra RAM chip (2mb > 6mb) and then the drive (plus backup) for the music archive.

Odds are I would be the main user of Roon. So if I am at say the Orcas place I could be using the Roon license up there while my wife could continue to use the Linn Kazoo app in Seattle for TuneIn and Tidal.

I have a trip next week but will get working on this in a couple of weeks.


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