Newly added album not added?

Roon Core Machine

AMD Ryzen 5 3600 6-Core Processor 3.60 GHz, 16GB, Windows 10

Networking Gear & Setup Details

50mb ADSL / NordVPN

Connected Audio Devices

Airport Express 1st edition / Chord Mojo 2

Number of Tracks in Library

4138 tracks

Description of Issue

On my iPad (I’ll update this post if the problem should occur on my MacBook Pro too) I run into the issue that when I add an album to my library and wander off into some unexplored musical territory there are occasions that I’m hearing a track (of the previously added album) that I would like to favorite/heart. There is no option to heart the track under the ‘three dots menu’. So I choose to go to the album hoping to make it happen from there. When I choose the option to return to the album the album appears as not added. When I click on the plus (+) sign to be sure it is added, the plus sign turns into an ever spinning ‘please wait’ icon. When I visit the album from my albums there is no problem. This only occurs when ‘revisiting’ a recently added and playing album.

Re-installing the app on my iPad does not help.

What’s up, or down?

This is what you have to do in that case. All the other ways that you described and don’t work are supposed to not work.

AFAIK is this a long standing issue in Roon (because for some reason the proper status, that this album is already added to your library, is not shown). Trying to add the album again then leads to the endles “Please wait”.

Please read the following document carefully, there are more potential traps hidden in the way how Roon handles content from external libraries (Tidal/Qobuz):

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If I’m understand correctly, you are seeing delays when adding an album to your Roon library from streaming services.

I had this same issue (and other issues with streaming service metadata) when I was using a VPN.
Disabling the VPN solved them.
So you could try this to see if it helps.
It turned out the VPN provider I was using was blocking background processes and connections Roon uses for metadata info.

That seems to me, like a major shortcoming. It would make sense to be able to heart the track I favor immediately after adding the album. To stop what I’m listening to, search for (the same) album, find the track I was listening to and then give it a heart feels really buggy.

Still 14 votes only:

Many “Heart” related feature suggestion already exist too:


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