Newly installed Roon not playing

Roon and remote has been installed and music files scanned, all apparently ok.

My problem is after a track or album has been chosen, when pressing the start button nothing happens…the time bar at the bottom of the page doesn’t move ( although the three blue bars to the left of the track list are moving) hence no sound is being output

Any ideas as to how to correct this?

What audio device are you using and how have you setup the audio zone for that device in Roon?
Posting screen shots often helps here.

Have you selected an endpoint in Audio Settings (Zone)?


I am using a Totaldac D1 with built in server. The Roon app is seeing the DAC/server ok as an Airplay device

Would that have any impact on how the Roon software would run? I imagine the track player would still play, even if there was something wrong to prevent an audio output?

Totaldac should be seen as a RoonReady device. Does anything need to be enabled at the totaldac end to put it into RoonReady mode? You don’t really want AirPlay mode even if it works :wink:

Also, have you selected the totaldac as the active output? (Next to the speaker bottom right)

Thanks Steve

Yes, I have discovered the need to change both the NAS and my music fiiles’ names to suit the totaldac.

The totaldac user’s manual goes through a whole set up procedure which doesn’t take into account the use of Roon on a NAS rather than a separate PC, so that has complicated things some more.

I am planning to mess with that today so will no doubt be back onto the community at some point for further assistance…hopefully I can everything up and running before my 14day free trial runs out!

Just to let you know, everything is now fine and all working ok…now I can start to enjoy the Roon experience!

Thanks to everybody who has helped to get me there

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