Nexus 10 compatibility

I’ve had the Roon client running on an old Nexus 10 with Android 5.1.1 for a while but after the last Roon update it has stopped working. It gets as far as “Looking for remote libraries” then stops. It isn’t a big deal, I didn’t use it much, but I thought I would ask if there is an obvious solution before it heads for the bin. I’ve tried putting in the IP address.

I run a Nexus 10 without problems (and find it a great remote!), so not sure the issue directly relates to the device. Does the problem persist after a restart?

Sorry for my late reply. After 35 years in the IT industry, you would think that I had thought about turning it off and back on again, but no, I hadn’t. And yes, it worked. Thanks for the suggestion!

Well, glad it works :grinning: I find I need to restart mine every few weeks (I only use it for Roon) to address random glitches. For a tablet of that age, I’m fine with that…and the screen is great for Roon.

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