Nexus 6P doesn't find ROCK (Android 7.1.1)


I’m runnig the ROON APP on many devices (iPhone, iPad, Samsung TAB S2, Samsung Galaxy S6/S7, Windows) and all works fine, but only with my NEXUS 6P I get no connection to the ROCK. All devices in the same network (LAN/WLAN).

I’ve tested:

  • Android 7.1.1, 7.1.2 and 8.0
  • WLAN only mode
  • access via IP address
  • comparing the app permissons with other Android devices
  • Reboot ROCK and NEXUS 6P

Could it be an incompatibility with Android 7.1.1 and above? It’s my only device with 7.1.x



I also have a Nexus 6P but everything works fine with it. The device is on android 8.0.

Nexus 6P owner here on latest Android (not Oreo yet) and ROCK (259 latest), all works fine for me.

Long thread on this general problem, no solution yet:

The problem does not happen to all Android remote users, and happens across multiple Android releases. The Roon crew has been gathering a lot of data from affected users, but they’ve not been able to replicate the problem reliably in their development systems, so I suspect some very particular interaction between remote, core, and LAN that started when RAAT switched from UDP to TCP. Fortunately I have also an iPad remote that works perfectly, but it’s annoying not to be able to use my phone (Pixel with always the latest OS) as a remote.

Thank you for your replys. My last test was switching the access point from a professional grade to a consumer device, but the behavior is the same. Once, I’ve got a connection to the core. After switching between apps, there are no connection again. Uninstall/install/reboot doesn’t help.


Yes, I’ve had occasional connections to the core (there’s a recipe on how to get one started on the thread I linked to), but they fail soon after. Unifi AP Pro wifi, rock solid with everything else. My Android devices work perfectly over that access all other sites or services, except for Roon core. Very peculiar.

I do two more tests:

  • to exclude the WIFi communication, I connect an ethernet usb otg adapter and disable mobile and wlan. internet browsing works fine, but there is no connection to the ROCK.
  • as I’ve seen by disconnecting the ethernet cable, the NEXUS remembers the IP address for the wired adapter, so I’m connecting the ROCK and the NEXUS with an ethernet cross over cable.

that’s the moment, to look very deep into the ethernet protocol with wireshark and compare a working and non working connections. I think, there could be a mismatch of the linux ethernet stack at the ROCK. I’m using an old NUC of the 5th Intel CPU/Chipset generation. So it could be a Linux kernel/driver update problem.
User like Bart or Anthony maybe have newer NUCs or using ROCK with other hardware. The NEXUS 6P hardware and software are allways the same. The difference will find at the NUC hardware.

Hope, these tests will help the development team, to deploy an update.


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After updating to Android 8.1 and installing the last ROON App update, the NEXUS 6P works fine with the ROCK.