Nexus not connected

Roon Core Machine

Nexus 8 TB
Operating on core 2.0

Networking Gear & Wi-Fi

Linksys Mesh Network.

Connected Audio Devices

Sonos speakers and Arc.

Number of Tracks in Library

Many. 9000+

Description of Issue

Can not connect with Roon app or Arc.

@Grady_Viramontes, it would be really helpful if you provided additional information. For instance, any messages under Settings > Roon ARC, or seen on the Nexus.

Likewise, if the Roon app on the Nexus can’t find your core, please provide details under Networking Gear & Wi-Fi, including all network equipment, and how the core is connected.

If your core is connected to the ISP router, and mobile devices are connected to the mesh, each might use a different subnet.

Well I can’t connect so I don’t get any messages!

It is lan connected to my router which has my internet connection.

Based on the limited information you’ve provided, I suspect you have two subnets. To resolve this, place the Linksys into bridge mode.

Ok. I had to reset my nexus. Remove my room app and install the latest version. Then it said my nexus needed an update so I ran it

Then I found the ARC was in offline mode.

I think it’s all running now.

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