Nice addition for extra fun while listening

Super, I have a reasonable number of pdf files from cd-inlets and put one in the folder of an album as a test … nice addition, thx Roon team


And this is a great program to scan with

I find I add both pictures and pdf as the pictures are more seamlessly integrated for an iPad.


I will give NAPS it a try, it’s Naps2 now

NAPS works fine and with a nice result, even on tablet, hopefully Roon does not make a copy of the pdf file to the Roon database that runs on external ssd, and I do not think so.
With the NAPS program you can even edit existing pdf files, very useful thing

You really are concerned about how your disk space gets used. :wink: To assure you: the pdf files won’t get copied - it’s the same as with your music files. They stay in their folders. It’s only images that get a special “database treatment” for a snappier user experience.

Fine to know, thx u_gee