No Airplay devices visible in ROON

Roon Core running on MacMini 6,2 2.3 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7

OS 10.15.7

Ethernet connection to ISP supplied modem/router Actiontec T3200M

Since the last system update no Airplay devices are seen in ROON. 2 are hardwired to the same modem/router: an AppleTV 4 and a Bluesound Node 2i (though I do not use either for Airplay), One Apple HomePod. None are ‘seen’ by ROON.

Hey @BCBC sorry to hear this!

Sometimes Roon has trouble discovering AirPlay devices that are sleeping, so if your device isn’t showing up in the list, try waking it up first.

If there is no change, I would make sure that you have added Roon/RAATServer as exceptions to your MacOS firewall, you can use these instructions from Apple to check this aspect.

Also, if you are running any other Antivirus or Firewall programs, I would ensure that Roon is added as exceptions or you try temporarily disabling them, in the past apps such as Bullguard, McAFee, Kaspersky, Little Snitch have caused similar symptoms.

Thanks! :pray:

@ashely Thank you. It turned out to be the firewall on my router. I’ve turned it off and am looking to find a way to add Roon/RAAT as an exception. The router doesn’t list it, just port numbers to be blocked/unblocked.

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