No album art displaying - again…

It has been a few months and again, my album art stopped coming through. Neither Tidal or album art on my NAS. I have pasted my issue from March as everything is identical.

Intel NUC running Roon Optimized Core Kit (version 1.8)

Networking Gear & Setup Details

  • Modem —>
  • Protectli router running PFsense —>
  • TP-link switch —>
  • all devices (WiFi, Roon Core, NAS, 3 Rooms Ethernet)

Connected Audio Devices

I listen on headphones through a Chord Hugo/2Go setup over Wi-Fi, sometimes Ethernet

Number of Tracks in Library

10089 tracks

I use Roon and supply it with Tidal and about 50 albums sit on my NAS.

Description of Issue

Hi there,

I hope you can help, very little of my album art is displaying (screenshot attached).

Music playback works well, no issues there.

I listen on headphones through a Chord Hugo/2Go setup over Wi-Fi.

I have tried narrowing down the issue:

  • Album art drawn from Tidal doesn’t display
  • Album art drawn from my NAS doesn’t display
  • I get the same behavior on every single one of my devices on my network (IPhone, IPad, Windows work computer, Mac).
  • Switched off VPN, no difference

Grateful for any guidance my friends. I now realize how much Roon enjoyment derives from its visual appeal and the extent to which I navigate by album cover.

Many thanks for your consideration! Joep

What did you do last time this happened?

Hi Martin, I changed nothing. I suspect it may have happened as the result of an update. Last time this came on suddenly and disappeared with a later update.

Restarted everything, Pfsense router, Wi-Fi router, switch, ROCK at the mains. Album art showed up.

Thanks anyone who checked in. This solves it for now!

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