No Album Artwork Using .WAV Files

Morning All,

Previously had all my Library in Alac with cover art .jpeg in the folder. No reason not to use uncompressed WAV any longer so I converted all the albums. Same folder structure unmoved or changed and .jpeg’s still in the folders. However Roon no longer displays any artwork for my local library.

Any help appreciated. But i do want to use WAV files and don’t simply want to convert to Alac or Flac.

Cheers Ian

Open the files in a decent tag editor and make sure everything is in order. But, Metadata support in WAV is notoriously poor, so I wouldn’t completely rule out transposing to FLAC. There’s really no need to make life difficult.

Thanks for the response and I understand WAV’s shortcomings but why isn’t Roon pulling the artwork from the internet if it cant use the .jpegs I currated.

Roon is possibly not managing to identify the album(s)… have a look over this:

The weird things is when I open Roon I get a quick flash of all the covers like they should be as the app opens. Then when it fully opens they return to square grey boxes.

If you go to edit the album is it showing artwork there as either Roon found or local.
It’s possible the cache has become corrupted.
But Mike’s recommended solution is the right starting point.

Nothing showing in edit album either. I have over 1000 ripped CDs. Metadata as original CD and artwork added by myself. By the law of averages you’d think It would at least find one album cover.

Are you running your Roon Core on a Mac.
There seems to be a run on corrupted caches recently.
Do a search for it and you will see some advice on moving the cache folder elsewhere and letting it rebuild

No mate Windows 10.

You can clear the image cache on each device. Go to Settings|Setup|Clear Image Cache.

I take it all your album’s are identified correctly and just no imagery showing?

Ian - Have you rebooted your server? I’ve occasionally had some grey box artwork display, but a reboot (sometimes just a restart of Roon) has cleared the grey box and the artwork is displayed. Granted, not using WAV, but might be worth a try.

Hi Ian,

just wanted to confirm all my roon library is either WAV or DSF/DFF files.

However, I always use Foobar2000 for original tagging of WAV files before importing/copying to location on roon server. I try to keep my library as independent as possible from any kind of players.

Roon easily identifies pretty much everything, except the common problems with some collections or rarities that do not exist in tagging database, but even in this case the .jpg in folder is picked up.

Cover art files are either folder.jpg or cover.jpg in album folder or sometimes in subfolder ART

Hope it helps as reference,


Thanks for all the advice guys. Will try your suggestions this evening and hope to find an answer.

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Right this is getting really frustrating. Cleared the Cache no change, artwork is named cover.jpg already and restarted roon server no difference. I converted all the Wav’s to Aiff thinking there was something going on with the Wav tags. And it’s still the same…aaaarrrgghh!

Have you tried, telling Roon to use your local artwork as a default? On the album page, highlight an album and click Edit, 2nd tab is Metadata preference, Under Artwork, choose Prefer File. Then Save.

If that brings your artwork up, you can apply it to the whole library under Settings, Library, Import Settings, select Prefer File and Save.

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2nd Daniels recommendation. If you had ALAC previousy thwy would have had embeddded artwork that Roon will see, if your using seperate files for the album covers you need to tell it to use them.

Get a demo of Tag&Rename , or the like MP3TAG and see what your metadata looks like

Also I assume your album covers are named. “folder” and are JPEG, that will help Roon recognize

My suspicion would be that when you converted your files from Flac to Wav it didnt correctly convert the metadata tag. Wav can fully support metadata using the ID3 format just like mp3s do but some software still does not support Wav metadata.

So if your files have no metadata then it is harder for Roon to identify the files, and it cannot retrieve the album artwork unless it knows what the album is.

You could download SongKong and run Status Report this will create a report and spreadsheet showing al the metadata in the your files (no license required for this)

Correct but even for unidentified albums, ‘folder.jpg’ will always show as the album cover picture. Roon can be a bit flaky in this regard, especially when replacing one folder.jpg with another (IMHO). Sometimes the old image is persistent despite the fact that it has been overwritten. This is on folders on an internal ROCK SSD, so no scanning delay issues.
My metadata import settings are ‘Prefer Roon’ but when an album is unidentified, Roon will always use the existing folder.jpg file in the folder.