No albums from Rammstein found

Intel nuc8i3BIH / ROCK/ Version 1.0 build 174

I was searching Rammstein albums on Quobuz and found only “Lost Highway”
Whe I try it directly in Qubuz I can see 12 albums.
Is something wrong with roon-quobuz database?
Tilll now (5 days working with roon) it found evrything.


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Yep, looks like it. I also see them in the Qobuz web player but not in Qobuz with Roon!

Hi @Alexander_Herwig,

It doesn’t look like these Rammstein albums are available to stream with a Qobuz subscription, which is why they aren’t showing up in Roon.

These albums still show up in the Qobuz app as 30 second previews as they can be purchased in Qobuz, but not streamed with a subscription.

Mystery solved. I didn’t try playing them in the Qobuz webplayer before, but can verify that they are indeed just 30 second clips at this time.

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