No audio connection to network

I just downloaded Roon and added my music library.

I can’t achieve playback from my PS Audio Direct Stream DAC which is connected to the network via Ethernet.

I receive a message that there is a problem with playback parameter negotiation with the audio device.

Roon does not seem to recognize the DAC as part of the network; though it does occasionally acknowledge that a range extender and an Apple TV are part of the network.

Playback works with JRiver.

We really love the Direct Steam DAC and we’re hugely excited to work with PS Audio on the integration of our RoonSpeakers streaming protocol in the future.

That said, right now I believe the Direct Steam uses UPNP for network streaming, which is not supported in Roon. Danny discussed some of the reasons here:

So is there any way I would have been able to know that my audio hardware is incompatible with Roon before I purchased a lifetime subscription?

14 day trial period and test ? Ask ? Search this community ?

To be clear, we have a number of users successfully using the DirectStream over USB.

If that doesn’t work in your setup @mistick, send me a PM and we’ll figure out how to make things right for you.

My setup is Ethernet. How do I send a PM?

I just sent you a PM @mistick – talk to you soon.