No Audio Devices after 1.7 Update

Just upgraded as prompted to 1.7. None of my local sound devices are now recognized. :frowning: It sees the devices hooked up to the Core. But shows none connected locally. Sitting here with no music playing. Depressing.

The only device it shows is System Device but even using that I get no audio.

I was actually playing music just before the upgrade. And can still do so with other apps.

Audio Settings only has a section for Core and networked devices. None for local.

This is on the Remote device? What operating system are you running? Any change if you disable firewall?

It is on remote device. Windows 10 is the OS. Let me try the firewall…

OK, fixed the problem. It was not the firewall. The default network setting was “public” on the client Ethernet network. Changed that to private and it now sees my audio devices (the core was private). Had run into this a few weeks ago with another upgrade. How it had worked before but not now, is puzzling. Regardless, would be good for Roon to detect this and at least warn.

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