No audio devices found - all of a sudden!


I have a debian linux roon server connected to a number of endpoints including a roon ready microRendu, airplay on my Sky box and another linux box

All fine until today when listening it just crashed

Rebooted roon server, then whole server, rebooted all the various endpoints (all of which I can “see” on the network)

But roon not only shows no audio devices found, neither does my database appear to be loading (it claims I have never played any music and have 0 songs!!)


How do I troubleshoot this please?


After a cold server reboot I have the dreaded 'there is an issue loading your database" message now

Do you have a backup of your db you could restore?


Almost certainly not, which is lame !!!

Assuming I have a corrupt DB, should I not still be able to see the various networked audio devices though?

Not sure if or how the corruption affects Roon startup as even when you have no music loaded the db still exists and is in a valid state.


My post crossed with Geoff.

The database holds information about your endpoints and their settings. If the database is corrupt, then it’s possible that the endpoint information has also been lost. If you have no database backup, then you probably need to reinstall. Once everything is up and running, then the next task is to set up your backup schedule…

Point taken LOL !!!

A couple of questions please

If i delete or rename var/roon/Roonserver/Database will I still need to reinstall?

If I do reinstall what is the process on linux? Just rerun the installer? Or do I have to delete stuff first?



Ok solved sort of

RoonServer stopped
Renamed /Database to /Database-old
RoonServer start
RoonServer stop
Rename /Databse-old to Database
RoonServer start
Log in to Roon and Tidal
Watch database rebuild
Setup DB backup strategy !!!


I would run some tests on the underlying hardware to make sure the “crash” is not indicative of a hardware issue.

Ok I will do that thanks