No Audio Devices Found problem

Core Machine
Windows 10 , Lenovo Micro PC

Network Details
All direct USB connection from PC to DAC

Audio Devices
PS Audio DirectStream DAC - USB connection

Library Size
60,000 songs

Description of Issue
All has been working well for months now. I have made no changes in the hardware configuration. Windows may of applied a software update to itself, but I’m not sure since all of that is automatic now.

Today I booted up the PC and started Roon as I normally do. All of my music history is gone and Roon says I have never played a song yet. The storage location appears to be set up right & I can play music with other players (Windows media player, etc.). Roon shows I have 0 artists, 0 albums, 0 songs.

The Audio screen shows “No Audio Devices Found”. The PS Audio DAC shows up on the Windows Sound screen & I can play songs to the DAC from YouTube & Windows media player.

How can I get Roon to recognize the PS Audio DAC again? And how do I get Roon to see the files on my storage drive?


Hello @Richard_Tibbets,

Thanks a whole lot for getting in touch about this and sorry about the trouble! We’d love to help sort this out.

I was wondering, does your Windows machine see your PS Audio DAC outside of Roon?

Also, this might be a bit of a naive question to ask, but do you by any chance have more than one Roon account? Have you logged in with a different one? Or, have you selected the same profile from the top right?

So we can take a closer look, are you able to access your database and zip up the Logs folder for us?

If you can zip up that folder and send us a copy here, we can get a sense of what’s gone wrong here. We’ll walk you through the next steps after that so we can figure out what’s gone wrong.

Thanks in advance :pray:

Hey @Richard_Tibbets,

It’s been a while since my last message. I was wondering, do you need help with anything at all? :nerd_face:

Hi rebeka,

Thanks for checking. Roon is working fine for me now. I was having trouble with it and did a full re-install and now I backup regularly. All is well for now. Let’s hope it stays that way.