No Audio Devices Found [Solved]

I have a problem with playing music from a remote. It all works fine and dandy as long as the amp for the server computer is turned on, if it’s turned off or used for the tv the remote just displays “No Audio Devices Found”. The remote is a Macbook Pro with built in speakers and with and headphone amp attached through usb so that’s obviously not true.

The server Mac mini runs the latest Roon release and OS X El Capitain, the same goes for the MBP.

A few screenshots (the HD-DAC1 is the headphone amp attached to the MBP).

If I understand you correctly, you have an amp which is setup as the default audio device in Roon and if you turn it off you see “No Audio Device”. In that case, go into your Manage Audio Devices and select another audio device ( your MAC ) as the output. There is no auto-default to another output if the chosen output is unavailable.

Yeah, you got it right but I get no option to choose anything. But I think I’ve figured out what happens that screws things up, my server computer turns off the screen and goes into sleep mode and it’s then it stops working. If I turn that off it should work fine. (yeah, I know. I should’ve checked that first)

No worries Mikael, post back here if the issue continues past fixing the sleeping server. For the moment I’ll mark this thread [Solved] as it may not require further dev attention.