No Audio Devices On iPad


Make sure Core and all remotes have been updated to the latest build.

Already updated and rebooted before the event.
I’ve rebooted Roon server core for a second time.

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Hi @Phil_Ryan ,

I’m looking over your account diagnostics and it looks like both your iPad and your Macbook Remote are having issues with loading the audio tab, but your Core is finding audio devices just fine. Is there any change if you reinstall the iPad app?

Can you provide some more details on how your iPad and Macbook Remote are connected to your network? Are they on a different router/access point than the Core? Were there any recent changes in the network config?

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I’ve reinstalled both again and now OK.
It seems every release requires multiple reboots and app installs to return to a stable system.

It also gave me the below, Roon is turning into a needy child rather than a just works application.

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