No Bose compatibility?

Love the idea of Roon, but have several Bose soundtouch devices through my home. Frankly, surprised they are not on the list. I know they play nice with others.They have a well documented API ( I’d be willing to do some work if I could also become a Roon developer, just not sure if you allow third party integrations.

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Bose just basically trashed their Soundtouch codebase and started fresh with their new Smart speaker lineup. It makes little sense at this point to develop for SoundTouch as it’s a legacy platform and their new Smart lineup consists of a couple of Subs, two soundbars and a single smart speaker. They need to deliver more product and continue to make their API strong. It just feels like Bose’s heart isn’t in it.

Thank you for the reply.

By “trashed” to you mean updated? I also have a 700 series soundbar, and it uses the same API. They recently updated the firmware with airplay 2 comparability, and in the notes said that airplay 2 was coming to all of their older soundtouch devices as well. Not sure how this is trashed. What I like about the API is allows more discrete control - you can change outputs, and control the screen to say anything you want, it’s not just a streaming transport. The soundbar now works with airplay 2, and I suppose if Roon ever implements airplay 2, that will be a route to integration.

Again, I’d be happy to make an extension, just don’t know if Roon allows this.

Trashed is a poor choice of words. A “rethinking” is more like it. The Soundbar 700 is a great update to the 300 series. What I mean is that the changes in software at least are significant enough that Bose will not allow us SoundTouch users to move to the new SB700/500/Smart Speaker and manage our legacy SoundTouch speakers and new stuff in a single app. I haven’t been on the forums to see if they’ve discussed this in more detail but it’s been a bone of contention for owners that do not want to leverage two mobile apps for control. That being said I’m all for Roon access if feasible.

I’d love to see Bose in the Roon Ready section of Some users are using a RaspberryPi and the Bose 700’s optical input. Play music to Bose Soundbar 700 from Roon