No connection and can’t find settings tab at top left of scree

Roon Core Machine

I have an Antipodes music server and am trying to use it as both server and player which comes preloaded. I am using an I-pad running 15.2 but I can’t connect.
I have tried to find the settings tab … top left but it is not showing. It seems very complicated. I have experience in nas and windows server management but this has me stumped. I can’t find any settings or paths to connections.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Orbi RBR20 and Orbi RBS20. The Antipodes is connected to the satellite via Ethernet. The satellite is connected to the router via wireless.

Connected Audio Devices

Antipodes S30 and Denafrips PontusII dac to Accuphase E280 integrated amp.
I use an IPad A1893 as remote.

Number of Tracks in Library

Description of Issue

It will not connect. Have have tried connecting to the router directly via Ethernet but same negative result. Maybe of interest is I have an orange light on the Ethernet connection into the Antipodes s30

Fellow Antipodes user here.
I assume you have set up the S30 to be both Roon Core and player in the respective Antipodes dashboards for server and player?
It is not set up for Roon as default.
Then also you need to set the player output.

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