No core found on my server when starting Roon

Roon Core Machine

Using a SonicTransport ver 2.8

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Ethernet through anEnglishnElectric router

Connected Audio Devices

My streamer is a Naim NDX2

Number of Tracks in Library

I don’t know

Description of Issue

With my Naim Streamer running I launch Roon and it can not find my core. As a test of my network and setup, I loaded Roon core on my lap top and it works fine.
The only fix I have found is to uninstall Roon on my server and reinstall. It fixes the issue until next time I turn on my streamer.

This sounds like a SGC issue imho
Paging @agillis for you.
Have you tried SGC support yet?

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I think this is the way SGC prefers to handle things, now.

Maybe this takes the heat of Roon support forum. but begs the question why are there so many issues with the ST platform when Roon releases an update? Seems to a common issue in the last month or 2.

We have a huge number of sonicTransporters in the field and very few of them have issues. I have been seeing a few issues with the Roon Core database getting corrupted but users have been reporting that on other Roon platforms as well.

Overall Roon is very reliable on all platforms but a small number of users do have issues. It very easy to delete the database and restore from a backup. This resolves most issues with Roon.

Not saying it’s not a roon issue either just seems to happen a lot.

It was Small Green Computer that suggested I uninstall and reinstall Roon. That fixes the issue but only temporarily. Andrew suggested reaching out to Roon for tech support. Seems I only get feedback from the community not Roon Support. How do I get tech support?

Not that much compared to all the systems out there.

If you want to contact Roon support submit a support ticket.

I am tagging @support as such a tag usually results in grabbing their attention. You are in the correct section of the forum and you filled out the form that was presented, so you should be GTG along those lines.

I think they are a little understaffed at the moment, so it might take awhile for you to bubble up in the queue.

Your problem doesn’t have the symptoms of a corrupt database, so before you do anything drastic like deleting your Roon library let Roon support way in.

In the meantime, if you want to check if your library is corrupt, the simplest way is to try a Roon Backup. If there is corruption, Roon should stop the backup and notify you of such. To be safe, don’t try this approach if you have only one iteration of a Backup, in case such an action causes a good Roon Backup to be overwritten…


I took a look at your logs and am seeing numerous (thousands) of errors related to network connectivity. These appear to be happening in long blocks of time and then everything reverts back to normal. The most recent block of issues appears to have happened from 4/27 around 23:00 to 4/28 around 10:30. I don’t know if those times are your local timezone or UTC as I don’t know how the Sonic Transporter manages time.

Specifically I’m seeing network unreachable errors which suggest that your Sonic Transporter has lost contact with the outside world:

04/28 01:09:12 Warn: [easyhttp] [7286] Post web exception without response: Network is unreachable ( Network is unreachable (
04/28 01:09:12 Warn: [broker/accounts] failed to refresh account info: Result[Status=NetworkError]

This is not an issue specific to Roon and could be anything from an ISP outage to a misconfigured network device to an intermittent Ethernet interface on your Sonic Transporter. Unfortunately, all that we can see is what is in your Roon server logs so there’s no way to be more specific as to the true nature of the issue.

I suggest you work with @agillis on this to figure out the issue with your Sonic Transporter’s network configuration.

Thank you for your observation but how does that explain how I resolve the issue by reinstalling Zoon Server? Nothing has changed in my network config and Roon plays perfectly once the core is found. This has happened 3 times in a week. Always resolved uninstalling and reinstalling Roon.

This issue is completely outside of our control as far as we can tell. We simply ask the operating system to send outbound traffic and those requests are failing. We have no other visibility into why those requests are failing, just that we cannot access anything outside of your Sonic Transporter.

This could be a hardware problem in your device or some bug in the operating system. It would appear that reinstalling Roon resets something which clears the connectivity fault, but I cannot tell you what that is. This is why I recommended that your work with SGC. This is their hardware running their operating system image and all of that is well outside of our control.

OK thanks for the info. Everything else on the box seems to be running OK we would have had no idea it was a network issue without your help. Thanks for finding this issue in the logs.

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