No DSD on my DSD capable DAC

Hi Roon Support,
I am a new (trail) user of Roon. Installed it two days ago. first on my desktop windows PC and then moved it by use of a backup to a Linux server in our house. This move went flawlessly very impressive with all settings restored.
I found after some investigation most answers to my questions, I am truly impressed and Roon has brought me already quite some pleasure.
The last thing to check is to play DSD files natively.
I have a Meridian Ultra DAC, the unit works great, and wow MQA from Tidal sounds really great.
Now checking some native DSD tracks from my NAS, and they get converted to PCM.
I cannot find the menu to enable this. In the setup part on DSP there is nothing. DSP disabled.
What do I miss,

One other thing, If I play DSD it reports upsampling, bit enhancement and downsampling, while the DSP is off?

is this correct?

Go to Settings, Audio, then device settings. There you can adjust the settings for DSD playback

No use. Meridian endpoints using the Meridian streaming protocol over ethernet max out at 96/24 PCM and don’t do DSD.

Your UltraDAC will do higher rates and DSD via USB or S/PDIF. Not sure if native DSD will work with Linux though.

As for DSP being off: Roon will employ DSP (resampling) when needed for compatibility reasons (converting to a format your endpoint can use).

that sound like the answer then

This is what I see

So I knew when buying the Ultra DAC that the limit was 96/24 via its Ethernet port. By itself not a big deal but ideally I would like native DSD support (so far nothing is wrong with the quality of the Roon converted DSD to PCM) but I would like to hear the difference.
So adding a streamer with USB output is an alternative step.
Something like an Sotm SMS-200 would be an option.
I need to try it though.
Does anybody have experience with the Ultra DAC and a streamer via USB?

In today’s age this is a serious limitation, I wish Meridian would take on board and address … and ideally support RAAT.

Indeed, I guess they have a hard time separating from Sooloos.
Because it supports up to 384/24 over USB I am not worried as adding a streamer is easy and not to expensive. Then again the Ultra DAC is modular so an updated Ethernet Card should be a no brainer. It looks though that Roon does quite a nice job in sampling to the maximum 96k, but indeed I am curious what a step from 96 to 192 would bring. Separating the DAC from the streamer is something I prefer. The two functions are very different and have different life cycles. Just like you should never buy an amp with a DAC. (my personal opinion)