No DSD Playback strategy menu when I connect my Soekris 1541 DAC


I just borrowed a Soekirs 1541 DAC from my friend, and after I connected the DAC, there’re 2 option/menu disappeared

  1. The “DSD Playback Strategy” menu disappeared. Then I switched back to my old iFi Zen DAC, the “DSD Playback Strategy” menu re-appeared again.
  2. Max Sample Rate (PCM) drop down list only offers two options; Up to 48kHz and Up to 96kHz. With my old iFi DAC, I’ve got and option up to 384kHz.

Could anyone give any suggestion please

Thank you in advance


compare to when I connected an iFi Zen DAC

Uploading: IMG_3576.HEIC…

As you can see, that the Soekris DAC uses here USB 1.0.
There seems on the back of the DAC a switch for selecting USB 2.0.

And also for windows:
I’ll think, that you’ve to download and install the drivers and use them for your endpoint.


You need “Exclusive Mode” also…


Just a scan Fyi, Roons audio options change depending on the dac.

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Problem solved!!!

Thank you everyone for your suggestions. After I switched to USB Mode 2 at the back of the DAC and turned on Exclusive Mode, the DSD playback strategy re-appeared again as well as Max sample rate option availability up to 384kHz.

I do appreciate your helps

Thank you



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