No editing function on the Android App

I would like to edit my playlists using the App for Android on my LG V30 ThinQ but the editing capability simply does not exist on this Android App. Any suggestion?

Hello @Jorge_Goncalves,

How exactly do you want to edit your playlists from the Android App? You should be able to press and hold on a track inside a playlist to bring up the top selection bar and can remove it from the playlist or use a similar method to add it to a playlist. If you are unable to do this, please post a screenshot of the behavior you’re seeing.



I want to delete a few tracks from one of my playlists as I said before. However, s you can see by the attached screenshot, the editing function does not show on my LG V30 mobile phone.

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Select one or more files by pressing and holding. A top menu will appear click on the three dots and the list will have remove from playlist as an option.

Done, it works now. Thanks a lot and have a great Christmas.

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