No good New music. Prove me wrong!

So I was reading a post in another thread. One person was making the argument (and I"m editorializing here) that there was no good “new” music, and that good music was only found mining backwards. The other was advocating that music discovery is very much part of what Roon is about.

So I thought. What if you were presented with the person that really believes that NEW music is, by and large, no good. And you ONLY have ONE album to demonstrate otherwise. Which album do you choose?

To make it interesting, let’s define NEW as 2015 or more recent. What’s your pick?

To start us off, I’m going to propose this one released in February this year:


So was part of the argument “what’s new for me might not be new for you”. Or does it have to be like fashion new today old tomorrow? I am discovering new music for me everyday which can range from 1 year old to 20 years or more.

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Now, that’s real provocation! This is very good new music (for me), just scanning the most recent additions to my Roon collection, skipping anything composed more than a a few decades ago, stopping at 10 because I had to at some point. There’s lots more.


So the only stipulation Mike (for fun) is that the music is 2015 or newer.

And that you come up with (initially anyway) one album that you think might change someone’s mind.

Explanations are optional.


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One of the reasons I suggested just one album is that I’d love to listen to what folks suggest. You just added 10 h to my potential listening! So given that, which one do you suggest I start with?

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If you don’t know Rhiannon Giddens, start there. Otherwise, “Angular Blues.”


Listening to Angular Blues right now. Fantastic (added it to my library). But I do love good jazz.




I believe that the hardest thing to do is to define the meaning of “good music”… :slightly_smiling_face:
I also believe that there is a lot of good music, old and new.

I had to pop a few in, but there are just so many great new artists and albums. Go check them out live when all this is over.

Listening to Rhiannon Giddens. Great production, good instrumentation, but I wouldn’t add it to my collection. My wife was saying that while she is clearly a good singer, the words could be anything. Her example was that she could be reading an email to the music…and it would essentially be the same. :smile: :smile:

Other opinions may vary. :grin:

I’ll work my way through your list, but I’ll get to some others first. Excited to see what others have contributed.


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Totally agree. What album would you put forth to change one’s mind?

This is a very difficult decision …
In addition, it depends on who I talk to and what he likes.


Here are three very good new releases by female singers:


Maybe I’m biased because I heard Giddens live earlier this year and she had an outstanding vocal and emotional range — humor, love, sadness, anger, irony — and I’m hearing that too in her recorded work.

I don’t disagree Fernando. :slight_smile: Will continue to listen through your list.

I enjoyed Elles Bailey Chris. Haven’t yet heard the other two.

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That’s great, and the tip of the iceberg. You must check Elles out live when touring resumes, she is the hardest working lady out there…

We recorded this when she first played for us. Links to downloads on her website

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