No longer seeing music after last Roon update

Model Name: MacBook Air
Intel Core i7
1.7 GHz
Roon 1.1

Everything was working very well until I updated to 1.1. Now each time I open Roon it says updating database, then there seems to be an error message that quickly flashes. It does not find music which is stored in a dropbox folder.

When I click on albums (which says 0) it boots me out of Roon. I’ve tried to reinstall but possibly I am not grabbing all the files because when I reload the software it already knows my folder locations.


Hi @Kwamina1 ,

@mike will see this thread on his usual round through the Support forum. One piece of further info that is likely to assist him is if you could post a screenshot of your Storage tab.

Hope this gets cleared up soon.



When can I expect a response?

Hi @Kwamina1 – sorry for the trouble here, and for the delay – I missed this the first time around. This sounds like some lingering issues from 1.0, but we can confirm that by getting some logs from you.

I’ll send you a PM now, and regardless, we should be able to address this once we have the logs. Stand by!