No moving song / artist dialogue

while listening roon radios if a artist/song is longer (not able to fit screen) ie contains in the name ext/feat etc… its not possible to see whole name while listening … .why that dialog is not moving?


Personal opinion: I believe the static nature of the screen is a result of Roon’s UI aesthetics.

There is no technical reason why the entirety of the track name, composer name, artist name, and length could not be shown.

Roon has chosen style over utility for this and other screens. Honest people disagree whether this was the proper choice.

so question would be how can one identify what is playing as its not possible to see whole artist / title. :frowning:

Preaching to the choir…:slight_smile:

Hey @John_Smith,

Thanks so much for bringing this up and sorry for the delay in replying :pleading_face: .

Could you please clarify if the name of the artist is not fully displayed on your phone, tablet or laptop/PC? What happens if you turn the device in landscape mode (if possible)? Can you click on the artist’s name to see it completely?

while listening live radio station with mixes the Artis + song name +ext is long string … which is not movie, its not possible to click on it, nothing happen when changing landscape etc… in the Old roon version it was moving constantly if it was longer what display can fit.

@beka any update?

@noris again no update AT ALL?

Hi @John_Smith ,

Apologies for the delay! Our team’s queue is longer than typical at the moment, but we’re working to get back to everyone as quickly as we can.

Can you please post a few screenshots of what artists/tracks reproduce this behavior?

Also, can you please confirm @beka 's earlier question of which device is in use and if landscape has the same behavior?

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@beka @noris

1 photo - s10 samsung > u cant read whole text and its not moving
2 photo - tablet ipad - u can read whole text

landscape doesnt work on s10

Hey @John_Smith,

Thank you very much for following up and sharing the additional information. Since Noris is out of the office until the week following the next, I have asked another one of our technicians to take a look.

I appreciate the screenshot :pray:

Is the screen size of your Galaxy S10’s is 6.1" in the full rectangle and 6.0" with accounting for the rounded corners?

@beka no idea pls check the s10 spec. cant see any connection with the moving text/or full text to be shown.

Thanks for following up!

Our technical team will be in touch as soon as possible :mantelpiece_clock:

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