No music was able add to the QNAP Roon Server

Roon Core Machine

Qnap TS-451D OS
Roon Server 1.8(build 898)

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Connected Audio Devices

Number of Tracks in Library

Description of Issue

In my any of the client can not access the music library.

Have you added any folders under Roon > Settings > Storage? Can you share a screenshot.

Also, I note you are playing a track. Is this Qobuz or TIDAL. What happens if you add this to your library?

Here is the Roon Server path.


Yes I can add album to my library

Are there any media file in ./roon/Library? There’s only a single WAV file and folder, ‘A’. WAV files don’t have any metadata, so this wouldn’t be recognized by Roon. Are there any skipped files under Settings > Library?

Yes, the A folder has a lot of media files. I moved some of the folders under ./roon/Library as you see.

I did not skip any media files.

Yet, your earlier screenshot of Roon only shows one folder. Have you checked folder permissions?

Sounds like this could be related to:

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