No "Native" DSD Playback Strategy option for Mutec MC-3 + USB in MacOS

Hey all, I’ve been trying to figure out the last piece of the DSD puzzle here.

I’ve got latest Roon spitting out DSD64 files directly to my Mutec MC-3+USB device. The MC-3 does support DSD files, up to 256 but Roon isn’t giving me the “Native” option under DSD Playback Strategy.

When I choose DoP, it works but am getting a little noise and what seems like degraded audio signal.

Am I correct in thinking “Native” should be available when connecting the MC-3 via USB?

Any help appreciated.

Hi Dylan,

The Mutec does not automatically choose DoP, you have to select settings with the menu buttons on the front of the Mutec.
As far as I know, DSD/DoP works only over USB; I see you have that in place.
I use reclocking, to use that first set the MODE in RE-CLK & INTERN. Then, select USB-DSD/DoP in the REFERENCE menu. The Mutec will adopt the clock from the USB signal and lock onto it after extraction into PCM. If you don’t choose reclock, the audio will not be extracted; only the clock signal.
Realize that the Mutec extracts DoP always into PCM, so I don’t know if there is merit in encapsulating PCM into DoP in Roon, to extract it again by the Mutec before it reaches the DAC.

I think native is only available if you feed the Mutec DSD and not DoP. Roon will output DSD if the source is native DSD and not PCM.

This is my interpretation from the Mutec manual. Have a close look at page 20 for more details. I think your Roon settings are right.


afaik Mac OS only supports DoP
so your DAC has to be DSD-512 capable to play DSD-256 DoP

what you are seeing in Roon is what your DAC can do under MacOS

That’s a little disappointing. Wonder if that’s an OS or a hardware issue?

It’s Core Audio (so the OS) , sorry
On the other hand… no need for DAC specific nightmares drivers :wink:

Installing ASIO drivers might be a workaround but… I have no idea if/how that works

Maybe I’ll install Win10 on the Mac Mini to forgo the driver headache.

Or maybe that’s replacing one headache for another…