No PDF link in phone app [resolved]

I see the link to the PDF booklets on the mac app but they are not present in the iOS app. Is this an oversight or is the feature not there for iOS?

Are you on a tablet or on a phone?

I’m on an iPhone

@brian2, maybe some of the PDF/Gallery stuff didn’t make it to the phone form factor?

The small icon links for PDFs and images aren’t shown on the phone. However, when you tap the album cover on a phone, you’ll still have access to any images and PDFs from there. I’ve added myself a ticket to add the PDF and image icon for phone.

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Thanks ever so much.

Can you please give an example of a PDF booklet (Album- or artist name)? Is this just the Album art or is it more?

Some more information about this feature here:

Digital download services sometimes include a multipage PDF file – usually with same content as the little booklet inside the CD-case.

Thanks Mike. I studied the provided information. I added a photo and a PDF file to a iTunes album folder location. Then performed a force rescan on iTunes in Roon. Roon did not present icons on the album like those presented at the link informatio ( in the red square). Hope you provide some additional help? Is the e.g. naming of the photo/pdf file important?

Given the fact that this stream has been labeled with [resolve] does it mean I need to open a new stream to get my question answered?

Hey @Raymond_Klein_Robben – the issue resolved in this thread was the missing PDF link in our phone app.

I’m going to close this thread and respond to your question in the other thread. Thanks!