No reboot with Roon Nucleus+

Roon‘s app or firmware is not getting better, quite contrary. Actually after the latest update when pressing skip-back the app shows “searching” and it takes several minutes before Roon plays again.

Trying to solve the problem by a reboot from the browser I get the message: …please try manually…, see image …

Hi @Michael_Graw,

Thanks for taking the time to write in! We were able to enable diagnostics on your Nucleus, and see that you’ve been able to reboot the device a few times recently.

Are you still having issues?

Can you reproduce the issue and share the specific date, time, and name of track attempted to play? Does this happen no matter the source of content - a local track, or from a Qobuz/Tidal track?

The issue seems to be solved after a manual reboot. It seems that the initial boot which immediately starts after the Roon Nucleus is connected with the power supply is not correctly performed? However I still have the impression that when selecting some tracks the unit still reacts rather delayed and the first millisecs of the track are skipped.

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Hi @Michael_Graw,

We’d be happy to take a closer look, could you please reproduce the issue and share a more specific date, time, and name of track played?

Can you confirm your Nucleus has finished analyzing your library?

Yes, library search was finished. What also happened before: some album covers of own mixed tracks stored on the SSD were automatically replaced. That had never happened before. Now it’s ok after the reboot. I‘ll try to reproduce these delays - perhaps they are associated with a change of format? RBCD to high-res?