No recognition of nucleus core

Hi…Roon was working as of yesterday. Today the Roon software indicates I have no albums, playlists etc and the Roon icon endlessly displays (…). Is there a problem at Roon?

I unplugged router and nucleus core. Restarted. Still same problem. Any ideas?

Hi David,

You might try getting to the Nucleus’ Web UI even if you don’t know the IP by trying either:

  1. http://nucleusplus
  2. http://nucleusplus.local

Another alternative, is to plug a monitor and keyboard up to the Nucleus+ and it’s IP should be displayed. Additionally, if you do this, you could post a pic of that screen which would help support.

Screen Shot 2022-06-22 at 1.01.31 PM

Hi…this is a screen shot of the Roon software. Do you see any issue on your end?

Hi David,

I’m a fellow user like yourself, just helping out. So, I can’t see anything on Roon’s end.

Is that pic from the webpage I suggested you look at? It looks like it is from the Roon app which is not what I was suggesting you look at.

Thanks much. Sorry, I didn’t realize that you are not with Roon customer support. Appreciate your advice. I sent in a query directly to Roon.

No Problem. Was just trying to jump start the process while you wait for @support to engage.

If you mean an email, please note that all support is now handled on this forum. It is expected that fellow users would help each other out, in sharing knowledge, making suggestion, etc. But, I signaled support in the previous paragraph.

I am attaching a screen shot of the System Status page. Do you think that my problems with Roon functioning could be due to a OS (Version 1.0 build 227) and a Roon Server Software Version 1.8 Build 970)? If so, any recommendations on how to get these aligned?
thanks much

No - those readings are correct. The Roon Operating System is at build 227, and the Roon Server software is at build 970.

The fact that you have been able to reach this Web Administration page with your web browser also means that your Nucleus must be up and running.

Can you show a screenshot of the Roon interface on one of your Control devices? Can you also say what the IP address of your Nucleus is, and what the address of your Control device is? Thanks.

Thanks…adding screenshot of control device.
I’d prefer not to share the device address (can do so with Roon team). Really appreciate the help

Your devices are concealed behind stateful firewalling via network address translation, handled by your standard router.

As such, your typical LAN addresses aren’t a secret, that :ru: hackers are just waiting for to get exposed in public fora.

No need to get all paranoid.


To get to the case, how do you know, no albums and such are indicated, as there’s just the Roon squid wobbling?

Did you try restarting the Roon server software from the nucleus web interface?

Any other messages or choices you get, other than the squid?

Just poking around here…

Hi @David_Geho,

Thank you for getting in touch, and welcome to Community! We’re happy to have you but sorry to see that it was an issue that prompted your first post. I was just about to check your logs when I noticed you mentioned having contacted us via email. I see that Beka was able to diagnose your issue and is arranging next steps.

If we can help with anything else please let us know. You can migrate your Core to one of your Mac remotes while you await service of your Nucleus. You can find more details on moving your core here if you’re interested in doing so:

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