No scrolling lyrics in Roon 1.8 - SOLVED

The scrolling lyrics feature seems to be missing in Roon 1.8. In the previous version, songs with a little ’ ‘microphone & clock’ symbol used to scroll, synchronous to the song that was playing. I tried clicking the ‘three dots’ but then you only get the ‘static’ lyrics. Am I right that the scrolling lyrics feature is missing in the 1.8 version, or do I miss something…?

Works here with Roon server install in Win 10…

My Roon Server is installed on a Synology NAS. Scrolling lyrics feature worked spotless in Roon 1.7

Works for me. Core running on Linux, Remote on Big Sur, iPad and iPhone.

How do you activate the scrolling lyrics? By clicking the three dots and then View lyrics? If not, how else?

@Aad_Hordijk, I also have Roon Core running on a Synology NAS. Scrolling lyrics works for me too. As you know, scrolling only works for lyrics with embedded timing information. Else you see lyrics without scrolling.

The scrolling lyrics are also working on my Roon Display.

I know it only works for lyrics with embedded timing information (microphone & clock symbol), but how do you activate the scrolling feature in Roon 1.8?

@Aad_Hordijk, while playing a track (with microphone & clock symbol :innocent:) click on the album cover on the bottom left side of the screen. In the new screen that opens you see the lyrics.

If the lyrics are not automatically scrolling, scoll the screen manually. You then will see a blue knob with the text (in Dutch): “Ga naar de actuele tijd” (English: Go to the current time). The lyrics will then scroll.

Thank you Alfred! It works!

I am an older guy, you know… :wink:

@Aad_Hordijk, no thanks. Glad it works for you. Enjoy!

P.S. I am also not the youngest anymore either. :joy:

This topic can be closed, as far as I am concerned. Sorry for starting it. It resulted from my growing disability to keep up with a rapidly changing digital world…

this should not be closed! On android smarphones there is simply no way to get the scrolling lyrics work as there is no album cover on the “buttom / left” position (its only on tablet or PC GUIs)

From Roon 1.8 is live!:

This complete overhaul of the Roon interface addresses a number of long term feature requests we’ve heard from the community, including vertical scrolling, portrait orientation on tablets, and a phone interface that now includes near-complete parity with Roon’s desktop apps.

The “Now Playing” screen is obviously very different from the one on tablets and desktops. Maybe you should write a feature request in the appropriate section of the forum for that feature on phones?