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On the artist page, the old default shuffle button is gone, replaced by the play button. When you press play, it plays any track that the artist appears with, not of their own albums.

I want it the old way where if the artist has 10 albums listed under main albums, I only want to shuffle thru these 10 main albums, not the 100 albums listed under categories “with” or in “appearances”

Hi @maximasr,

The current default option after 1.7 is the new Artist Play function, which you can read more about in our release notes.

If you want the shuffle option, this is still available. If you go to Settings > Play Actions, you can turn on Shuffle for artist:

After this you will have the ability to shuffle artists.


I did that before I wrote this ticket up. I went back out and turned on shuffle for albums and still no shuffle option for artist. Also turned on shuffle for composer and artists and still no shuffle option.
I reloaded Roon after these changes with no change.

This may be a stupid comment but, just to be clear…
The artist you want to shuffle has to be in your library.

Yes, both ripped and in Tidal. If I hit play, which is the default now, songs that the artist appears in gets played. I only want songs in my library to be shuffled, and the library consists of ripped and tidal songs/albums

This is what my play button looks like with albums configured with shuffle on. I only want the albums by this artist in my library to be shuffled and no shuffle option.
Try this. If I turn on compositions or the last 2 play actions with shuffle enabled, then the shuffle button appears under the play button but this shuffle goes thru all the songs this artist has participated/appeared in, that’s not what I want nor is it how it used to be before the update

You can enable shuffle for artists in
Settings - Play Actions - Composer & Artist - Customize - enable shuffle.
In 1.7 shuffle is off by default.

Hi @maximasr,

Can you share a screenshot of the Play Actions settings for Composers and Artists (like my screenshot above)?

Somewhat related to this @dylan I posted elsewhere about what seemed to me to be a change to this functionality that means it no longer appears to be confined to the local library - could you confirm the intended behaviour please?

I only want to shuffle thru the albums by this artist in my library. PERIOD!!! I don’t want to shuffle thru appearances of the artist. If I have 20 albums by this artist in my library and the artist appears in 50 other songs or albums, I only want to shuffle thru the 20.
This is how it worked before this release.

Yeah, this is a bug :frowning:

Prior to 1.7, the available options for artists in your library were “Shuffle All” (which would shuffle the artist’s content inside your library) or “Start Radio”.

In 1.7, the new Artist Play option is available (the button says “Play All”), and you’re supposed to still have access to the library shuffle and Radio options as well.

Shuffle Allshould only shuffle content from your library once you enable this option from Settings > Play Options…

Unfortunately it looks like Shuffle All is including content from outside your library, which is the bug… We’ll get that fixed guys – the whole point of leaving that option in there was to preserve the ability to shuffle inside your library :expressionless:


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