No sound coming from Minidsp SHD

Roon Core Machine

Windows 10, i7 8gm RAM

Networking Gear & Setup Details

PC connected to the internet via Wifi.

Connected Audio Devices

Minidsp SHD, connected via ethernet cable

Description of Issue

I’ve just downloaded roon to test it with my minidsp SHD (which is on all the latest software). And it will play a track from tidal, but no sound comes from the SHD. I’ve tried playing music via LAN directly to the SHD and that works fine so does seem to be a roon issues.

I tried restarting everything, but no luck and disconnected my laptop as a roon core and re-connected.

I’m currently on the free trial so any advice on getting it working soon would be great. Thanks

I embarassingly found out there’s a roon bridge plugin to install on the SHD’s volumio, which I’ve now done and rebooted everything but still the same problem.

Before it was playing the tract but with no sound coming out. No it says “error communicating with device” and then “too many failures” and stops trying.

We could be wrong but most likely a misconfiguration. :slight_smile:

Step#1: Make sure to grab our user manual:

Step#2: At the Roon section p26, you can see that there isn’t “any Roon plugin to be installed”. Please do NOT use the Roon plugin. There is only a ROON READY button to be enabled as per the manual.

Once that done, power cycle your Roon server and it should find the SHD as part of your devices.
Feel free to start a support ticket with our team for official support (


Thanks for the quick reply. I’ve uninstalled the plugin, and turned on roon ready, rebooted everything and still have no sound. The music is playing, but nothing coming out. Any other ideas?

Aha! I was still trying to play from the Minidsp plugin device. I’ve removed that and added the new Minidsp and it’s working now. Thanks :slight_smile:

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