No sound from Bryston BDP-2

@support. I have a Bryston BDP-2 with a Resonnesence Labs Mirus DAC, playing files from a Mac desktop with OS High Sierra v 10.13.4 and am not getting sound out. I have the Bryston set to Roon ready (from MPD), and I can see on the Bryston that the file (track) name is reading. I tried shutting the DAC and Bryston off, back on and then even unplugged the USB connection. I tried unplugging the other cables from the DAC so that only the USB is plugged in, still no sound. Need suggestions, please.


Is the BDP-2 enabled in the settings?

Each player needs to be “Enabled”


If enabled, can you control the BDP-2 from your Core or a remote

I couldn’t see the specific Enable button, but it shows at a device located on the network as you have shown. So I think so?

Is the Device show up as a BDP-2? (I have a BDP-1).

Is the BDP-2 visible on your network?

Yes, it shows as BDP-2, shows the IP address as well

Does it work in MPD mode? Everything else working?

Do you have it connected with USB out, and a BNC out. On the BDP-1, having the USB outputing defeats the BNC output (and possibly the AES output)…

If so, unhook the USB, and send it to your DAC via BNC/SPDIF or AES/EBU. (You have to reboot the Bryston after disconnecting the USB output).

Yes, I’ve used in MPD for last 2 years no problems, just in trial mode for Roon software. I can also play on iMac output.

Hello @Michael_d_Entremont,

Oh no! Sorry to hear about the troubles, let’s get you up and running so you can see what Roon is all about!

When you navigate to the Settings>Audio screen in Roon, you should see a small “i” next to your BDP-2. Click on this button, and then click the “Configure Device” link.

This should take you to the Roon Ready dashboard for the BDP-2. Make sure that your DAC is selected. I would also recommend turning “Software Volume” off, as this may lead to compatibility issues with certain DACs. I have included screenshots of what to look for and how things should look, let me know if this solves your issue!


Ah, yes, this worked, thanks John. It worked as soon as I selected the DAC here, whereas it had the Bryston selected (which seemed to make sense).
The next thing I haven’t figured out is how to show the music that’s on the Bryston internal hard drive, I think I know the right place in Roon to set it up, but am not sure of the proper syntax for the Network share location, etc…

Hello @Michael_d_Entremont,

  1. Take note of the IP Address of your BDP-2. You can find this below your devices name in the Settings > Audio tab
  2. Open the “Configure Device” link, and go to Settings > Services in the Bryston interface
  3. Turn “Samba Server” on
  4. In roon, go to the “Add a Network Share” screen
  5. Enter

smb://IP Address of the BDP-2 here/

There may be another folder directory to add after the last “/” above called “share” or “shared” depending on the settings of the BDP-2. The Bryston Web Interface will tell you if that’s the case


OK, got it now, thanks so much

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